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To most people, flour is flour and it is always made from generic "wheat"


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We are proud to be part of a Food Grains Surplus State which was earlier termed as a deficit State being dependant on import of food grains from other States.


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We have been able to keep our heads high. We are constantly in touch with the State Government. We are co-operating the State Government in achieving an all time high procurement target.


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Aorma letter Dt. 23.6.18 to MD,Oscsc Reg Space problem in Khariar Road, Nuapada for delivery of CMR out of Rabi Crop of KMS 2017-18.

posted on : 24-06-2018  

Aorma letter Dt. 23.6.18 to MD,Oscsc requesting payment of Rice Handling Charges to Gajapati district Millers due to non-functioning of appointed handling contractor.

posted on : 24-06-2018  

Aorma letter Dt. 22.6.18 to MD,Oscsc for convening meeting of the committee for considering payment of Paddy TC etc at Revised rates to Balasore Millers for KMS 2016-17.

posted on : 24-06-2018  

Aorma letter Dt.22.6.18 to Food Commissioner for Revision of TC on Paddy & Rice for KMS 2017-18 and Constitution of a Committee thereof.

posted on : 22-06-2018  

Oscsc L.No.10041 Dt. 12.6.18 to CSO, Cuttack allowing Payment of handling charges to Custom Millers on rice delivered at RRCs for KMS 2017-18 @Rs.4/- since no handling contractor has been engaged at the RRCs in Cuttack District.

posted on : 13-06-2018  
Milltec Food Show supported by AORMA will be held on 6th May, 2017 at Hotel Swosti Premium, Bhubaneswar. Major players in Rice Milling Plant & Equipment manufacturing will participate in the event. Main focus will be on improving processing and milling of paddy to ensure cost effective quality rice production. All the Rice Millers of Odisha are invited to attend this mega show.

Milltec Food Show at Bhubaneswar. posted on : 2017-04-27 21:22:57

OSCSC delivers paddy to private millers against 10% security for the purpose of milling and delivery of resultant rice. A few unscrupulous millers have misappropriated its paddy on a number of occasions taking scope of lack of supervision of officials. 83 custom millers misappropriated paddy of the value of Rs. 158.47 crores during the period 2003-04 to 2013-14. Oscsc has recovered Rs.13.05 Cr leaving a balance of Rs.145.42 Cr. 35 certificate cases filed while 67 FIRs lodged. 5 cases taken by Vigilance. (Abstract from Fscw L.No.8723 Dt.26.4.16 Proceeding of review meeting held on 19-4-2016).

Menace of defaulting millers. posted on : 2016-04-29 08:27:56

As per reports in Tribune News Service, a high - level meeting was held being chaired by Principal Secretary Vishwajeet Khanna. In the interest of farmers, the Punjab Government has taken an important decision allowing farmers to transport their crop using tractor trolleys and the state government will pay rent as paid to trucks to tractor trolley owners *** Mr. Khanna directed chief agriculture officer, Ludhiana that no farmer should bring paddy with high moisture content to the mandis * Pl view full News Report at Recent Post.

Farmers in Punjab allowed to transport paddy directly to Rice Mills. posted on : 2015-09-25 12:35:52

A meeting was held with Chief Secretary on 23rd Sept,2015 on various points concerning Rice Milling Industry and procurement operations by Aorma. Food Commissioner Sri M.S.Padhi, IAS and Sri Niranjan Nayak, MD-Oscsc were present along with Aorma Chairman Sri Santosh Kr.Agrawal and Secretary Sri Santosh Sonthalia. Pl view details of points discussed at Recent Post.

Meeting held with Chief Secretary, Odisha. posted on : 2015-09-24 20:30:39


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