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S NO Date Subject Download
1 2018-05-19 Oscsc L.No.8584 Dt. 18.5.2018 - No more CMR would be delivered to FCI in Koraput district as decided in prudent plan meeting held on 14-3-18.
2 2018-05-19 Fscw L.No.10394 Dt. 18.5.18 inviting Aorma to attend meeting Reg Rates of procurement incidentals for KMS 2017-18 at Oscsc Conference Hall on 24-5-18.
3 2018-05-15 Oscsc L.No.8239_1 Dt. 15.5.18 Lifting arrangement of Rice for June & July,2018.
4 2018-05-15 Oscsc L.No.8278 Dt. 15.5.2018 Guidelines for Rabi Paddy Procurement for KMS 2017-18.
5 2018-05-14 Aorma Letter Dt. 10.5.2018 to Food Comnr for payment of differential gunny depreciation charges for KMS 2015-16.
6 2018-05-14 Aorma Letter Dt. 12.5.2018 to Food Comnr for release of Custody & Maintenance charges for KMS 2017-18.
7 2018-05-14 Oscsc L.No.8121 Dt. 11.5.18 Provision for miller to download Acceptance Note-cum-Analysis Report of CMR delivered by him.
8 2018-05-14 Oscsc L.No.8121_1 Dt. 11.5.18 Enclosure to Main letter - Instructions for Millers for downloading Acceptance Note-cum-Analysis Report of CMR delivered by him.
9 2018-04-30 Fscw L.No.8672 Dt. 28.4.18 Reg - Joint Inspection with FCI to ensure quality of food grains for KMS 2017-18 in terms of MOU with GOI.
10 2018-04-28 Fscw L.No.7840 Dt. 19.4.18 Fixation of procurement of paddy per acre during Rabi season of KMS 2017-18 at 26 for Hirakud Command Area and at 24 quintals for all other districts.
11 2018-04-28 Oscsc L.No.6787 Dt. 20.4.18 Payment of Gunny Usage Charges and submission of monthly stock account of old gunny bags.
12 2018-04-28 Fscw L.No.8124 Dt. 21.4.18 Allotment of 1st Phase Rabi Target for KMS 2017-18.
13 2018-04-28 Oscsc L.No.7323 Dt. 28.4.18 Rectification of data gaps in information furnished by millers for study on revision of milling charges. Concerned millers to attend meeting on 1.5.18 at OSCSC HO with relevant information.
14 2018-04-06 Aorma Agenda Points discussed with MD, Oscsc Ltd on 5.4.2018.
15 2018-04-06 Aorma Letter Dt.5.4.2018 to Food Comnr requesting for issue of instructions for immediate issue of Rice Dellivery Acceptance notes to Custom Millers.
16 2018-04-06 Aorma Membership list for KMS 2016-17 Booklet Vol-8.
17 2018-04-02 Oscsc L.No.5592 Dt. 31.3.18 Allowing only 0.5 percent driage on Raw Rice to some Malkangiri Millers due to non-compliance of guidelines for KMS 2016-17.
18 2018-04-02 Oscsc L.No.5658 Dt.2.4.18 Rates of TC and idfferent Procurement Incidentals to be paid to the Custom Millers for KMS 2017-18.
19 2018-03-28 Oscsc L.No.5348 Dt.27.3.18 1st meeting of the Committee on 29.3.18 for payment of Paddy TC etc at Revised rates to Khurda and Dhenkanal Dist Millers for KMS 2016-17.
20 2018-03-17 Aorma Agenda points discussed with MD, Oscsc Ltd during meeting held at OSCSC Board Room on 16-3-2018.
21 2018-03-17 Oscsc L.No.4507 Dt. 15.3.2018 Release of dues of the Custom Millers for the KMS 2017-18 pending finalization of rates.
22 2018-03-17 Oscsc L.No.4707 Dt. 17.3.2018 Delivery of CMR (RAW) by Custom Millers only at the RRCs and not to FCI for KMS 2017-18.
23 2018-03-13 Fscw L.No.5070 Dt.12.3.2018 to Collector, Bhadrak and Cuttack informing that the matter of dateline for delivery of CMR out of Khariff paddy is under consideration.
24 2018-02-24 Fscw L.No.3963 CS Dt. 22.2.18 D.O. Letter from Chief Secretary to Union Food Secretary for Fixation of Rates of Incidentals in prov. cost sheet for KMS 2017-18.
25 2018-02-24 Oscsc L.No.3374 Dt. 23.3.18 Relaxation in Security norms for Singhal Agro, Mayurbhanj in view of delivery of higher percentage of due CMR for current KMS 2017-18.
26 2018-02-23 Fscw L.No.3881 Dt. 21.2.18 Reg - Preparation for procurement of Rabi Season Paddy during KMS 2017-18.
27 2018-02-19 Aorma Letter Dt. 19.2.2018 to MD, Oscsc Ltd for release of Millers dues for KMS 2017-18 on adhoc basis till finalization of rates.
28 2018-02-10 Aorma Letter Dt. 9.2.2018 to Food Comnr for allowing delivery of Khariff Crop CMR till 30-9-2018 as per permission granted by GOI.
29 2018-02-06 Fscw L.No.2350 Dt. 3.2.18 Measures to ensure timely delivery of CMR for KMS 2017-18 Khariff crop by 30.4.2018 - Recovery of interest burden suffered by the Corporation from the miller and concerned district officials.
30 2018-02-03 Fscw L.No.531 Dt. 8.1.18 Minutes of the meeting held on 22.12.2017 on Levy of GST on Paddy Procurement Operations.
31 2018-02-03 Fscw L.No.1977 Dt. 31.1.2018 to All Collectors Reg - Checking of private sale of paddy.
32 2018-01-30 Oscsc L.No.1707 Dt. 30.1.18 Non-Delivery of CMR by the custom millers for KMS 2016-17 - To invoke BG/FDR and not to release payment of bills thereof.
33 2018-01-30 Fscw L.No.1908 Dt. 29.1.18 Reg consideration of proposal from Collector, Khurda for allowing participation of some Khurda Millers in Bhadrak, Jagatsinghpur and Kendrapara districts.
34 2018-01-24 Oscsc L.No.1264 Dt. 19.1.2018 Reg - Payment of transportation charges on paddy for KMS 2016-17.
35 2017-12-27 Aorma agenda points discussed with Food Comnr. during review meeting held on 26-12-2017 at Fscw Conf. Hall.
36 2017-12-27 Aorma Letter Dt. 26-12-2017 to Food Comnr. Reg payment of TC and other incidentals for KMS 2016-17 for CMR delivered withing the GOI extended time limit.
37 2017-12-27 Fscw L.No.26089 Dt. 23.12.2017 Minutes of Video conference taken by Food Commissioner on 15-12-2017.
38 2017-12-24 Oscsc L.No.21828 Dt. 22.12.17 Narsingh Foods, Bargarh allowed to participate in Jagatsinghpur dist on 6 times security norms.(May be a mistake since all others are allowed on 3 times security norms).
39 2017-12-23 Fscw L.No.25934 Dt. 21.12.2017 Constitution of 3 State Level Quality Control Squad for enforcement of quality control mechanism for paddy/ rice procurement. (Unfortunately, Paddy quality checking is not mentioned in the letter).
40 2017-12-22 Oscsc L.No.21814 Dt. 21.12.17 Approval of 6 Sambalpur Millers for participation in Angul district.
41 2017-12-22 Oscsc L.No.21818 Dt. 21.12.17 Approval of 9 Sambalpur Millers for participation in Deogarh District.
42 2017-12-22 Oscsc L.No.21820_1 Dt. 21.12.17 Approval of 19 Bolangir Millers for participation in Subarnpur district.
43 2017-12-22 Oscsc L.No.21822 Dt. 21.12.17 Approval of 5 Bargarh Millers for participation in Subarnpur district.
44 2017-12-19 Fscw L.No.25545 Dt.16.12.17 GOI letter on Quality Control Measures to be adopted by Procurement Agencies.
45 2017-12-19 Oscsc L.No.21608 Dt. 19.12.17 Allowing Koraput Millers to deliver balance CMR of KMS 2016-17 by 31-12-17 for smooth procurement during KMS 2017-18.
46 2017-12-19 Oscsc L.No.21612 Dt. 19.12.17 Disallowing Proposal of Sunpur Collector to allow participation by Ashok Food Processing on 5 time instead of 100% security norms.
47 2017-12-18 Oscsc L.No.21499 Dt.18.12.17 Sanction of Refund of Security Deposit of Ganjam Custom Millers for KMS 2006-07 to 2011-12. Congratulations Ganjam Millers.
48 2017-12-15 Fscw L.No.25281 Dt.13.12.17 Meeting with Sales Tax Commissioner and others at Fscw Conf. Hall on 18-11-17 reg applicability of GST on Custom Milling Operations.
49 2017-12-15 Oscsc L.No.21378 Dt. 14.12.17 Verification of FDR submitted by Custom Millers and others as Security Deposit.
50 2017-12-12 Fscw L.No.25106 Dt.12.12.17 Minutes of review meeting held on 5-12-17 at Fscw Conference Hall.
51 2017-12-08 Fscw L.No.24993 Dt.8-12-2017 to Bargarh Collector for reducing 10% paddy target of the miller for failure to send Rice Delivery SMS in time.
52 2017-12-07 Fscw L.No.24787 Dt. 6.12.2017 GOI CMR Cost Sheet Dt. 1.11.2017 for Odisha KMS 2017-18.
53 2017-12-05 Aorma Agenda Points discussed with Food Comnr during review meeting at FSCW at 12.30 Noon and thereafter at Oscsc Board Room at 4 PM on 5-12-2017.
54 2017-12-02 Fscw L.No.23917 Dt. 22.11.17 Minutes of meeting on review of procurement related issued held on 16-11-2017 at Oscsc Board Room.
55 2017-12-02 Oscsc L.No.19916_1 Dt. 24.11.2017 District wise storage capacity with Oscsc as on 28-10-17.
56 2017-12-02 Oscsc L.No.19994 Dt. 25.11.2017 Three Lease Hold mills of cooperation dept in Bargarh district are allowed security norms as par with other millers.
57 2017-12-02 Fscw L.No.24064 Dt. 25.11.17 Status on Procurement of Paddy and CMR delivery position for KMS 2016-17 - Taking follow up action for early realization of due CMR.
58 2017-12-02 Fscw L.No.24088 Dt. 25.11.17 Minutes of review meeting held on 21-11-17 at Fscw Conf Hall and also attended by Aorma.
59 2017-12-02 Oscsc L.No.20064 Dt. 27.11.17 Delivery of Paddy strictly as per security norms and to stop further Delivery of Paddy if CMR delivery not started within 7 days.
60 2017-12-02 Oscsc L.No.20230 Dt. 29.11.2017 To FCI for considering acceptance of payment by cheques towards CMR handling operations upto dumping at FCI depots.
61 2017-12-02 Oscsc L.No.20357 Dt. 30-11-2017 Explanation called from CSO-cum-Dist.Manager, Jharsuguda for not verifying genuineness of BG which was found fake.
62 2017-11-23 Fscw L.No.23917 Dt.22.11.2017 Minutes of meeting on review of procurement related issues held on 16.11.2017 at Oscsc Board Room.
63 2017-11-22 Fscw L.No.23696 Dt.21.11.2017 to All Collectors Reg - Alternative Plan for procurement operations in view of strike by PACS/LAMPCS Secretaries.
64 2017-11-20 Oscsc L.No.19370 Dt.20.11.17 All CSO-cum-District Managers are requested not to insist on two millers as guarantors for their participation in procurement operation at the time of agreement for KMS 2017-18.
65 2017-11-20 Oscsc L.No.19407 Dt.20.11.17 Clarification regarding utilization of gunny for CMR delivered by custom millers.
66 2017-11-20 Oscsc L.No.19405 Dt.20.11.17 Letter to CSO of 9 districts Reg Vat ITC mismatch with FCI during F.Y.2013-14 and 2014-15 and recovery from custom millers as per list forwarded by FCI.
67 2017-11-20 Enclo to Oscsc L.No.19405 Dt.20.11.17 Letter from FCI alongwith list of millers for recovery of ITC mismatch amount.
68 2017-11-17 Oscsc Custom Miller Agreement for KMS 2017-18.
69 2017-11-16 Oscsc L.No.19134 Dt.16.11.17 Tagging of custom millers to nearest paddy purchase centers for KMS 2017-18.
70 2017-11-15 Fscw L.No.23140 Dt.14.11.2017 Minutes of the State Level Procurement Committee Meeting held on 26.10.17 under Chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Odisha.
71 2017-11-15 Fscw L.No.23153 Dt.15.11.2017 to MD,Oscsc seeking views on Levy of GST on the charges payable to Rice Millers for custom milling of Rice.
72 2017-11-09 Oscsc L.No.18691 Dt.9.11.17 to Collectors of Kalahandi, Nabarangpur and Rayagada districts for nominating millers for participating in Koraput district during KMS 2017-18.
73 2017-11-09 Oscsc L.No.18693 Dt.9.11.17 Koraput millers are allowed to deliver balance CMR of KMS 2016-17 at RRCs.
74 2017-11-08 Fscw L.No.22681 Dt.8.11.2017 GOI has declined to accept request from Odisha Govt for revision of usage charges of gunny fixed for packing of procured paddy for KMS 2017-18.
75 2017-11-06 Oscsc L.No.18357 Dt.3.11.2017 Clarification on Rates of Incidentals payable to Custom Millers for KMS 2016-17.
76 2017-11-06 Odisha CMR Provisional Costing Sheet Dt.1.11.2017 for KMS 2017-18.
77 2017-11-04 Commercial Tax Dept L.No.16099 Dt.2.11.2017 Reg - Levy of GST on the charges payable to Rice Millers for custom milling of rice.
78 2017-11-02 Fscw L.No.22019 Dt.1.11.2017 - Time for Delivery of CMR of KMS 2016-17 of both Kharif and Rabi crop has been extended by GOI upto 30-11-2017.
79 2017-10-30 Aorma Submissions before Food Comnr reg procurement operations during KMS 2017-18.
80 2017-10-28 Fscw L.No.21750 Dt.27.10.17 Allotment of Tentative Target in terms of rice for KMS 2017-18 (Kharif).
81 2017-10-27 Oscsc L.No.17879_1 Dt. 27-10-17 Custom Miller Agreement for KMS 2017-18.
82 2017-10-27 Oscsc L.No.17903 Dt.27.10.17 Participation of other district miller in deficit milling capacity districts for KMS 2017-18.
83 2017-10-25 Fscw L.No.21203 Dt.24.10.17 Request to GOI for extension of CMR delivery time by one month i.e. upto 30-11-17 for KMS 2016-17.
84 2017-10-25 Fscw L.No.21276 Dt.24.10.17 Food Commissioner to take meeting with few Aorma Office Bearers on Monday 30.10.17 at 11 AM at Oscsc Conference Hall.
85 2017-10-23 Oscsc L.No.17557_1 Dt.23.10.17 Major Changes in Operational Guidelines for KMS 2017-18.
86 2017-10-21 Oscsc L.No.17363 Dt.21.10.17 Guideline for payment of TC on paddy for Cross district movement in KMS-2016-17.
87 2017-10-21 Oscsc L.No.17365 Dt.21.10.17 for payment of Gunny Depreciation to Custom Millers @Rs.20.53 per qtl CMR delivered both at RRC and FCI for KMS 2016-17.
88 2017-10-17 Fscw L.No.20524 Dt.17.10.17 State Level Procurement Committee meeting regarding arrangement for Kharif Paddy Procurement Operations for ensuing KMS 2017-18 will be held on 26-10-17 under Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, Odisha.
89 2017-10-17 Aorma Letter Dt.17-10-17 to Food Commissioner for convening a meeting with all District Miller Representatives before start of procurement for KMS 2017-18.
90 2017-10-11 Proceeding of meeting held on 23-9-17 on operational guidelines for KMS 2017-18.
91 2017-09-14 Oscsc L.No.15571 Dt.14.9.17 to All CSOs for submission of supplementary bills for Gunny Depreciation to FCI for KMS 2015-16 and 2016-17.
92 2017-09-13 Food and Procurement Policy for KMS 2017-18.
93 2017-09-13 Salient features of Food Policy 2017-18 KMS. (Compiled by Aorma).
94 2017-09-09 Oscsc L.No.15273 Dt. 8.9.17 Transportation rates of some State Level Transporting Contractors finalized for the year 2017-19 through tender process.
95 2017-09-07 Statement dt. 28.7.17 forwarded by FCI regarding VAT ITC mismatch during F.Y.2013 & 2014. Most of the millers might have complied by this time. Others are requested to issue compliance without any further delay.
96 2017-09-06 Aorma letter Dt.5.9.17 to Collector, Ganjam requesting to resolve the Mandi Handling charges on procurement of paddy.
97 2017-09-06 Aorma Letter Dt.6.9.17 to Principal Secretary, FSCW for release of TC on paddy procured from other districts.
98 2017-09-05 Fscw L.No.17324 Dt.4.9.17 Extension of period for delivery of CMR upto 30-9-17 of CMR of Kharif Paddy by GOI during KMS 2016-17.
99 2017-08-31 GOI Letter Dt. 30.8.17 allowing extension of time for delivery of CMR of KMS 2016-17 khariff crop upto 30.9.2017.
100 2017-08-22 Fscw L.No.16443 Dt.21.8.17 Requesting GOI for extension of 2016-17 CMR delivery period upto 31.10.2017.
101 2017-08-20 Oscsc L.No.13970 Dt.19.8.17 Payment of Transport charges to Custom Millers as per approved distance and recovery of excess payment made in earlier years, if any.
102 2017-08-20 Oscsc L.No.13994 Dt.19.8.17 Handling Charges on rice for handling operations at RRC for KMS 2016-17. No payment to be made to millers w.e.f. date of engagement of handling contractors.
103 2017-08-04 RMC Odisha High Court Order Dt.24.4.2017 in O.J.C. No.8246 of 1995.
104 2017-08-04 Fscw L.No.15382 Dt.3.8.17 Extension of CMR delivery time for KMS Khariff crop upto 31-8-17 by GOI.
105 2017-08-04 Oscsc L.No.13244 Dt.4.8.17 Payment of Mandi Handling operation at Paddy Purchase Centres.
106 2017-08-03 Oscsc L.No.12739 Dt.29.7.17 Revised Rates of Incidentals for the KMS 2015-16 for settlement of bills of Custom Millers.
107 2017-08-03 Fscw L.No.15268 Dt.2.8.17 Proceedings of the meeting on entitlements of Mandi Labour Charges and Modalities for claim bills by Millers and PACs.
108 2017-07-31 Fscw L.No.15084 Dt.31.7.17 Minutes of meeting Chaired by Union Food Secy held at New Delhi on 14.6.17 Reg Study on revision of milling charges etc.
109 2017-06-15 EPF Notification Dt.15.3.17 on reduction of Administrative Charges.
110 2017-06-12 Oscsc L.No.9759 Dt.12.6.17 UOI Note Reg - Appointment of Handling Contractors at RRC-cum-DSCs at district level and discontinuation of payment of handling charges of Rs.4/- to Custom Millers.
111 2017-06-07 Oscsc L.No.9473 Dt.7.6.17 District wise Delivery and Movement Plan of CMR for the KMS 2016-17.
112 2017-05-31 Aorma Letter Dt. 29-5-17 to Principal Secy for Payment of TC and other incidentals at the revised rates for KMS 2015-16.
113 2017-05-30 Aorma Letter Dt.8-5-17 to Principal Secy for inclusion of CMR unloading in the Handling Contract.
114 2017-02-02 OSAM Board Letter No.332 Dt.30-1-2017 Reg-Levy of Market Fee and grant of Money Receipt - Collecting the market fee at check points should come to end forthwith.
115 2017-01-04 Oscsc L.No.149 Dt.4-1-17 Reg problem in delivery of CMR at FSD and allowing Kalahandi Millers to unload CMR with their laborers.
116 2016-12-07 Tentative District wise email address of CSO and Collectors.
117 2016-12-05 Aorma letter Dt.5.12.2016 to MD, Oscsc Reg - Insurance coverage of stock of Paddy, Rice & Gunny bales at mill premises - Millers are not liable to insure the same at their cost.
118 2016-11-30 Oscsc L.No.20275 Dt. 29.11.16 Insurance coverage of stock of Paddy, Rice and Gunny bales at mill premises by the Miller.
119 2016-11-28 Oscsc L.No.20062_1 Dt. 25.11.16 Monthly Delivery Schedule of CMR by Custom Miller for KMS 2016-17.
120 2016-11-28 Fscw L.No.21503 Dt. 5-11-16 GOI Provisional Cost Sheet Dt. 19-10-16 for Odisha CMR KMS 2016-17. (Important document).
121 2016-11-08 Aorma letter Dt. 7.11.2016 to MD, Oscsc informing about the resolution adopted during meeting held on 7-11-2016.
122 2016-11-08 Oscsc No.19205 Dt. 8.11.2016 Revised Rates of TC and incidentals for the KMS 2015-16 for settlement of bills of Custom Millers (with RIDERS - Pl read carefully).
123 2016-11-08 Aorma attendance sheet of the meeting held on 7-11-2016 at Hotel Empires, Bbsr.
124 2016-11-05 Oscsc No.19064 Dt.5.11.16 Rates of incidentals for KMS 2016-17 for settlement of bills of Custom Millers. ( What about 2015-16 ??).
125 2016-11-04 Bargarh Dist. letter Dt. 3.11.2016 expressing their inability to provide any type of gunny bags for packing of paddy.
126 2016-11-03 Oscsc No.1196/MD Dt.31.10.16 Proposed changes in Operational Guidelines for KMS 2016-17. (Note: There are major changes in Security deposit, payment of bills, imposition of holding charges, payment of gunny depreciation for packing of paddy in 2 pc NEW and 2 pc OLD gunny bags etc. ALL are requested to go through the details carefully to evaluate the implications).
127 2016-11-03 Fscw No.21319 Dt. 3.11.16 Tentative target for Kharif in terms of rice for KMS 2016-17.
128 2016-11-02 Aorma Membership Form for KMS 2016-17.
129 2016-10-28 Fscw l.No.20788 Dt.26.10.16 To GOI for extension of deadline for delivery of CMR of KMS 2015-16 upto 31-12-2016.
130 2016-10-13 Aorma attendance sheet for the meeting held on 26-09-2016 at Hotel Empires, Bbsr.
131 2016-10-13 Resolution adopted during Aorma meeting of office bearers with President/Secretaries from different districts held at Hotel Empires, Bbsr on 26-09-2016.
132 2016-10-09 Oscsc No.17433 3-10-16 Clarification that light discolour will be treated as sound grain.
133 2016-10-07 Fscw L.No.20037 Dt.7-10-2016 Food and Procurement Policy for KMS 2016-17.
135 2016-07-26 Oscsc L.No.13386 Dt.25.7.16 Release of gunny depreciation @ 17/- per qtl rice for KMS 2015-16.
136 2016-07-21 OSAM Board L.No.1843 Dt.30.6.16 for abolition of all un-authorized RMC Check gates.
137 2016-06-27 Labour Dept Letter No.4831 Dt.25.6.16 on Labour Reforms for Ease of Doing Business.
138 2016-05-17 Press Release of Aorma after General Body Meeting held at Hotel Empires, Bhubaneswar on 17th May, 2016.
139 2016-05-12 FCI H.Qr. Letter Dt. 3.11.2015 Revised appeal procedure on rejection of Lot. (Courtsey - Sri Raju Gupta, S S Agri, Balasore)
140 2016-05-03 Aorma 15-16 membership list of 253 members as updated on 1-05-2016.
141 2016-04-29 Fscw L.No.8719 Dt.26.4.16 Granting acceptance for 2 % storage loss under Cap Storage of Paddy for 2 Lakh MT during KMS 2015-16.
142 2016-04-22 Proceeding of Procurement Review Meeting held at FSCW on 12.4.2016. Aorma points are considered.
143 2015-08-12 Tentative list of Dist. Coordinators. This list is subject to revision / addition as per feed back from the respective districts and being updated from time to time.