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S NO Date Subject Download
1 2017-09-20 Aorma Letter Dt.20.9.17 to Principal Secretary for convening a meeting with Miller Representative of all the Districts during 1st week of October,2017.
2 2017-09-14 Oscsc L.No.15571 Dt.14.9.17 to All CSOs for submission of supplementary bills for Gunny Depreciation to FCI for KMS 2015-16 and 2016-17.
3 2017-09-13 Food and Procurement Policy for KMS 2017-18.
4 2017-09-13 Salient features of Food Policy 2017-18 KMS. (Compiled by Aorma).
5 2017-09-09 Oscsc L.No.15273 Dt. 8.9.17 Transportation rates of some State Level Transporting Contractors finalized for the year 2017-19 through tender process.
6 2017-09-07 Statement dt. 28.7.17 forwarded by FCI regarding VAT ITC mismatch during F.Y.2013 & 2014. Most of the millers might have complied by this time. Others are requested to issue compliance without any further delay.
7 2017-09-06 Aorma letter Dt.5.9.17 to Collector, Ganjam requesting to resolve the Mandi Handling charges on procurement of paddy.
8 2017-09-06 Aorma Letter Dt.6.9.17 to Principal Secretary, FSCW for release of TC on paddy procured from other districts.
9 2017-09-05 Fscw L.No.17324 Dt.4.9.17 Extension of period for delivery of CMR upto 30-9-17 of CMR of Kharif Paddy by GOI during KMS 2016-17.
10 2017-08-31 GOI Letter Dt. 30.8.17 allowing extension of time for delivery of CMR of KMS 2016-17 khariff crop upto 30.9.2017.
11 2017-08-22 Fscw L.No.16443 Dt.21.8.17 Requesting GOI for extension of 2016-17 CMR delivery period upto 31.10.2017.
12 2017-08-20 Oscsc L.No.13970 Dt.19.8.17 Payment of Transport charges to Custom Millers as per approved distance and recovery of excess payment made in earlier years, if any.
13 2017-08-20 Oscsc L.No.13994 Dt.19.8.17 Handling Charges on rice for handling operations at RRC for KMS 2016-17. No payment to be made to millers w.e.f. date of engagement of handling contractors.
14 2017-08-04 RMC Odisha High Court Order Dt.24.4.2017 in O.J.C. No.8246 of 1995.
15 2017-08-04 Fscw L.No.15382 Dt.3.8.17 Extension of CMR delivery time for KMS Khariff crop upto 31-8-17 by GOI.
16 2017-08-04 Oscsc L.No.13244 Dt.4.8.17 Payment of Mandi Handling operation at Paddy Purchase Centres.
17 2017-08-03 Oscsc L.No.12739 Dt.29.7.17 Revised Rates of Incidentals for the KMS 2015-16 for settlement of bills of Custom Millers.
18 2017-08-03 Fscw L.No.15268 Dt.2.8.17 Proceedings of the meeting on entitlements of Mandi Labour Charges and Modalities for claim bills by Millers and PACs.
19 2017-07-31 Fscw L.No.15084 Dt.31.7.17 Minutes of meeting Chaired by Union Food Secy held at New Delhi on 14.6.17 Reg Study on revision of milling charges etc.
20 2017-06-15 EPF Notification Dt.15.3.17 on reduction of Administrative Charges.
21 2017-06-12 Oscsc L.No.9759 Dt.12.6.17 UOI Note Reg - Appointment of Handling Contractors at RRC-cum-DSCs at district level and discontinuation of payment of handling charges of Rs.4/- to Custom Millers.
22 2017-06-07 Oscsc L.No.9473 Dt.7.6.17 District wise Delivery and Movement Plan of CMR for the KMS 2016-17.
23 2017-05-31 Aorma Letter Dt. 29-5-17 to Principal Secy for Payment of TC and other incidentals at the revised rates for KMS 2015-16.
24 2017-05-30 Aorma Letter Dt.8-5-17 to Principal Secy for inclusion of CMR unloading in the Handling Contract.
25 2017-02-02 OSAM Board Letter No.332 Dt.30-1-2017 Reg-Levy of Market Fee and grant of Money Receipt - Collecting the market fee at check points should come to end forthwith.
26 2017-01-04 Oscsc L.No.149 Dt.4-1-17 Reg problem in delivery of CMR at FSD and allowing Kalahandi Millers to unload CMR with their laborers.
27 2016-12-07 Tentative District wise email address of CSO and Collectors.
28 2016-12-05 Aorma letter Dt.5.12.2016 to MD, Oscsc Reg - Insurance coverage of stock of Paddy, Rice & Gunny bales at mill premises - Millers are not liable to insure the same at their cost.
29 2016-11-30 Oscsc L.No.20275 Dt. 29.11.16 Insurance coverage of stock of Paddy, Rice and Gunny bales at mill premises by the Miller.
30 2016-11-28 Oscsc L.No.20062_1 Dt. 25.11.16 Monthly Delivery Schedule of CMR by Custom Miller for KMS 2016-17.
31 2016-11-28 Fscw L.No.21503 Dt. 5-11-16 GOI Provisional Cost Sheet Dt. 19-10-16 for Odisha CMR KMS 2016-17. (Important document).
32 2016-11-08 Aorma letter Dt. 7.11.2016 to MD, Oscsc informing about the resolution adopted during meeting held on 7-11-2016.
33 2016-11-08 Oscsc No.19205 Dt. 8.11.2016 Revised Rates of TC and incidentals for the KMS 2015-16 for settlement of bills of Custom Millers (with RIDERS - Pl read carefully).
34 2016-11-08 Aorma attendance sheet of the meeting held on 7-11-2016 at Hotel Empires, Bbsr.
35 2016-11-05 Oscsc No.19064 Dt.5.11.16 Rates of incidentals for KMS 2016-17 for settlement of bills of Custom Millers. ( What about 2015-16 ??).
36 2016-11-04 Bargarh Dist. letter Dt. 3.11.2016 expressing their inability to provide any type of gunny bags for packing of paddy.
37 2016-11-03 Oscsc No.1196/MD Dt.31.10.16 Proposed changes in Operational Guidelines for KMS 2016-17. (Note: There are major changes in Security deposit, payment of bills, imposition of holding charges, payment of gunny depreciation for packing of paddy in 2 pc NEW and 2 pc OLD gunny bags etc. ALL are requested to go through the details carefully to evaluate the implications).
38 2016-11-03 Fscw No.21319 Dt. 3.11.16 Tentative target for Kharif in terms of rice for KMS 2016-17.
39 2016-11-02 Aorma Membership Form for KMS 2016-17.
40 2016-10-28 Fscw l.No.20788 Dt.26.10.16 To GOI for extension of deadline for delivery of CMR of KMS 2015-16 upto 31-12-2016.
41 2016-10-13 Aorma attendance sheet for the meeting held on 26-09-2016 at Hotel Empires, Bbsr.
42 2016-10-13 Resolution adopted during Aorma meeting of office bearers with President/Secretaries from different districts held at Hotel Empires, Bbsr on 26-09-2016.
43 2016-10-09 Oscsc No.17433 3-10-16 Clarification that light discolour will be treated as sound grain.
44 2016-10-07 Fscw L.No.20037 Dt.7-10-2016 Food and Procurement Policy for KMS 2016-17.
45 2016-08-31 Media clarification Dt. 9.12.2015 by GOI about Value of Bye-Products of Milling of Paddy by Millers.
46 2016-07-26 Oscsc L.No.13386 Dt.25.7.16 Release of gunny depreciation @ 17/- per qtl rice for KMS 2015-16.
47 2016-07-21 OSAM Board L.No.1843 Dt.30.6.16 for abolition of all un-authorized RMC Check gates.
48 2016-06-27 Labour Dept Letter No.4831 Dt.25.6.16 on Labour Reforms for Ease of Doing Business.
49 2016-05-17 Press Release of Aorma after General Body Meeting held at Hotel Empires, Bhubaneswar on 17th May, 2016.
50 2016-05-12 FCI H.Qr. Letter Dt. 3.11.2015 Revised appeal procedure on rejection of Lot. (Courtsey - Sri Raju Gupta, S S Agri, Balasore)
51 2016-05-03 Aorma 15-16 membership list of 253 members as updated on 1-05-2016.
52 2016-04-29 Fscw L.No.8719 Dt.26.4.16 Granting acceptance for 2 % storage loss under Cap Storage of Paddy for 2 Lakh MT during KMS 2015-16.
53 2016-04-22 Proceeding of Procurement Review Meeting held at FSCW on 12.4.2016. Aorma points are considered.
54 2015-08-12 Tentative list of Dist. Coordinators. This list is subject to revision / addition as per feed back from the respective districts and being updated from time to time.