**** Payment of Handling Charges @Rs.4 to the Custom Millers after functioning of Handling Contractors at RRC-cum-DSCs will be discontinued **** Refer Oscsc No.9759 Dt.12.6.17 ****

S NO Date Subject Download
1 2017-06-15 EPF Notification Dt.15.3.17 on reduction of Administrative Charges.
2 2017-06-12 Oscsc L.No.9759 Dt.12.6.17 UOI Note Reg - Appointment of Handling Contractors at RRC-cum-DSCs at district level and discontinuation of payment of handling charges of Rs.4/- to Custom Millers.
3 2017-06-07 Oscsc L.No.9473 Dt.7.6.17 District wise Delivery and Movement Plan of CMR for the KMS 2016-17.
4 2017-05-31 Aorma Letter Dt. 29-5-17 to Principal Secy for Payment of TC and other incidentals at the revised rates for KMS 2015-16.
5 2017-05-30 Aorma Letter Dt.8-5-17 to Principal Secy for inclusion of CMR unloading in the Handling Contract.
6 2017-05-29 Invitation from CII to attend seminar on "Krishi Unnati" on 20-6-2017 at Hotel Mayfair Convention, Bbsr.
7 2017-05-29 Reply Form for attending seminar on "Krishi Unnati" on 20-6-2017.
8 2017-05-08 Oscsc L.No.7552 Meeting of the Committee to be held on 11.5.16 for suggesting minimum number of reports and returns. Secretary, Aorma also invited to offer suggestions.
9 2017-05-01 Oscsc L.No.7148 Dt.1.5.17 Guide,ines for participation of custom millers in Rabi Season of KMS 2016-17.
10 2017-02-02 OSAM Board Letter No.332 Dt.30-1-2017 Reg-Levy of Market Fee and grant of Money Receipt - Collecting the market fee at check points should come to end forthwith.
11 2017-01-04 Fscw No.15 Dt.2-1-17 Reg Problem in delivery of CMR at FCI depot faced by Kalahandi Millers.
12 2017-01-04 Oscsc L.No.115 Dt.4-1-17 Delivery of CMR to FCI in some districts to meet the requirement of MDM etc.
13 2017-01-04 Oscsc L.No.149 Dt.4-1-17 Reg problem in delivery of CMR at FSD and allowing Kalahandi Millers to unload CMR with their laborers.
14 2016-12-21 Fscw L.No.24763 Dt. 17-12-16 Constitution of State Level Quality Control Squad for enforcement of quality control mechanism for paddy/rice procurement.
15 2016-12-21 Fscw L.No.24855 Dt.17-12-16 Regular monthly delivery of CMR by custom millers out of paddy stocks received from Government agencies.
16 2016-12-21 Oscsc L.No.21385 Dt.21.12.16 Delivery of CMR of KMS 2016-17 to only FCI till utilization of CMR stock of KMS 2015-16 with RRCs.
17 2016-12-15 Fscw L.No.24479 Reg Participation of millers of other district in procurement to be finalized with the approval of Chairman, OSCSC since the matter being a part of Corporation affairs on operational issues.
18 2016-12-15 Fscw L.No.24582 Dt.14.12.16 to GOI for extending khariff paddy procurement period till 30-4-17 and CMR delivery till 31-7-16.
19 2016-12-15 Fscw Notification No.24602 Dt.15-12-16 Transfer posting of some ACSOs.
20 2016-12-07 Oscsc L.No.20633 Dt. 7.12.16 Payment of VAT on cost of Gunny bags supplied by miller - KMS 2015-16. (By virtue of Clause-2, millers will get only partial reimbursement of VAT which is unfortunate).
21 2016-12-07 Tentative District wise email address of CSO and Collectors.
22 2016-12-05 Aorma letter Dt.5.12.2016 to MD, Oscsc Reg - Insurance coverage of stock of Paddy, Rice & Gunny bales at mill premises - Millers are not liable to insure the same at their cost.
23 2016-12-05 Oscsc L.No.20550 Dt. 5-12-16 Engagement of Handling Contractor for mandi handling operation at PPCs - Floating of Tenders.
24 2016-12-05 Aorma L.No.20515 Dt. 5-12-16 Construction of 12500 MT Steel Silos in Bhadrak and Nayagarh Districts.
25 2016-11-30 Oscsc L.No.20275 Dt. 29.11.16 Insurance coverage of stock of Paddy, Rice and Gunny bales at mill premises by the Miller.
26 2016-11-28 Oscsc L.No.20021 Dt. 25.11.16 to GOI Reg - Revision of Mandi Labour Charges at Rs.12.28 p.qtl for KMS 2015-16.
27 2016-11-28 Oscsc L.No.20062_1 Dt. 25.11.16 Monthly Delivery Schedule of CMR by Custom Miller for KMS 2016-17.
28 2016-11-28 Oscsc L.No.20121 Dt. 26.11.16 Reg - Delivery of paddy to custom millers during KMS 2016-17 as per MAS - Miller Authority Slip and SAS - Society Authority Slip.
29 2016-11-28 CSO, Kalahandi L.No.5285 Dt. 27-11-16 to DRCS, Kalahandi Reg - Ban on use of polythene bags in procurement of paddy in the PACS.
30 2016-11-28 Fscw L.No.21503 Dt. 5-11-16 GOI Provisional Cost Sheet Dt. 19-10-16 for Odisha CMR KMS 2016-17. (Important document).
31 2016-11-23 Aorma agenda points discussed with Principal Secretary, FSCW on 22-11-2016.
32 2016-11-18 Aorma Letter Dt. 18.11.16 to Principal Secretary for fixing a meeting with Aorma to discuss some key issues for smooth paddy procurement during KMS 2016-17.
33 2016-11-08 Aorma letter Dt. 7.11.2016 to MD, Oscsc informing about the resolution adopted during meeting held on 7-11-2016.
34 2016-11-08 Oscsc No.19205 Dt. 8.11.2016 Revised Rates of TC and incidentals for the KMS 2015-16 for settlement of bills of Custom Millers (with RIDERS - Pl read carefully).
35 2016-11-08 Aorma attendance sheet of the meeting held on 7-11-2016 at Hotel Empires, Bbsr.
36 2016-11-05 Malkangiri Dist. Association Letter Dt. 5.11.16 sent to their Collector in the matter of problems in procurement operations.
37 2016-11-05 Angul Dist letter to Aorma Reg Procurement operations during KMS 2016-17.
38 2016-11-05 Oscsc No.19064 Dt.5.11.16 Rates of incidentals for KMS 2016-17 for settlement of bills of Custom Millers. ( What about 2015-16 ??).
39 2016-11-04 Bargarh Dist. letter Dt. 3.11.2016 expressing their inability to provide any type of gunny bags for packing of paddy.
40 2016-11-03 Fscw No.21229 Dt.1.11.16 Reg- Introduction of Transit Pass cum AC Note, Miller Mobile Application and Miller Portal.
41 2016-11-03 Fscw No.21171 Dt.1.11.2016 Extension of time by GOI for delivery of CMR of KMS 2015-16 upto 30.11.2016.
42 2016-11-03 Oscsc No.1196/MD Dt.31.10.16 Proposed changes in Operational Guidelines for KMS 2016-17. (Note: There are major changes in Security deposit, payment of bills, imposition of holding charges, payment of gunny depreciation for packing of paddy in 2 pc NEW and 2 pc OLD gunny bags etc. ALL are requested to go through the details carefully to evaluate the implications).
43 2016-11-03 Fscw No.21319 Dt. 3.11.16 Tentative target for Kharif in terms of rice for KMS 2016-17.
44 2016-11-02 Aorma Membership Form for KMS 2016-17.
45 2016-11-01 Oscsc No.18778 Dt.1.11.16 Participation of other dist millers in Kalahandi, Sonepur, Boudh, Balasore, Bhadrak and Keonjhar during KMS 2016-17.
46 2016-11-01 Oscsc No.18780 Dt. 1.11.16 Participation of other dist millers in Khandamal and Jagatsinghpur during KMS 2016-17.
47 2016-10-28 Fscw L.No.19.10.16 GOI letter Reg - Amendment in principles for fixation of Mandi Lbr chg in provisional cost sheet .
48 2016-10-28 Fscw L.No.20609 Dt.24.10.16 GOI letter for restricting indexation of incidentals upto KMS 2015-16 level in Prov.Cost Sheet of KMS 2016-17.
49 2016-10-28 Fscw L.No.20817 Dt.26.10.16 RDC level Procurement meeting to be held on 4th, 8th and 10th Nov,2016.
50 2016-10-28 Fscw l.No.20788 Dt.26.10.16 To GOI for extension of deadline for delivery of CMR of KMS 2015-16 upto 31-12-2016.
51 2016-10-28 Oscsc No.18321 Dt.22.10.16 Comments for use of old bags for procurement of paddy - providing additional clause in policy.
52 2016-10-28 Oscsc No.18378 Dt.25.10.16 Insurance coverage of stock of Oscsc kept at the Mills premises - Steps to be taken at the time of Natural Calamities.
53 2016-10-28 Oscsc No.18550 Dt.27.10.16 To Cooperation Dept Reg - Release of Market fees to RMC on procurement of paddy by Oscsc and submission of UC.
54 2016-10-14 Aorma letter Dt. 14.10.16 to MD. Oscsc requesting for a Joint Meeting on 21-10-16.
55 2016-10-13 Aorma attendance sheet for the meeting held on 26-09-2016 at Hotel Empires, Bbsr.
56 2016-10-13 Resolution adopted during Aorma meeting of office bearers with President/Secretaries from different districts held at Hotel Empires, Bbsr on 26-09-2016.
57 2016-10-09 Oscsc No.17433 3-10-16 Clarification that light discolour will be treated as sound grain.
58 2016-10-07 Short term e-tender by HAFED for leasing out its rice mills in Haryana State.
59 2016-10-07 Fscw L.No.20037 Dt.7-10-2016 Food and Procurement Policy for KMS 2016-17.
60 2016-10-03 Invitation from Utkal Chamber of Commerce for interaction meeting with Principal Secy, MSME Dept on 5-10-2016.
61 2016-10-03 Fscw L.No.19582 Dt.3-10-16 Reg - Proposed implementation of 100% security deposit by custom millers.
62 2016-10-03 Fscw L.No.19584 Dt.3-10-16 Reg Submission of documents by millers for participation in paddy procurement in view of CAG observations.
63 2016-10-02 Fscw No.19505 Dt. 1-10-16 Committee formed under Chairmanship of MD,Oscsc for tagging millers to nearest RRCs and avoiding criss cross movement with the district.
64 2016-09-28 Fscw L.No.19069 Dt.26.9.16 to MD,Oscsc reg- Representation of Secretary, Aorma for revision of TC and other incidentals for KMS 2015-16.
65 2016-09-28 Fscw L.No.18639 Dt.22-9-16 Proceeding of review meeting held on 15.9.16 at Oscsc Conference Hall.
66 2016-09-24 Aorma letter Dt.17-9-16 Reg - Revision and communications of rates for KMS 2015-16 Submitted to Principal Secy on 19-9-2016.
67 2016-09-20 Agro-Vation brochure.
68 2016-09-20 Agro-Vation Delegate Registration Form.
69 2016-09-20 Invitation from Indian Chamber of Commerce for Agro-Vation to be held at Bhubaneswar on 27th to 29th September,2016.
70 2016-09-19 Oscsc No.16640 Dt.19.9.16 Cross district procurement of paddy - Settlement of bills of Custom Millers in own district.
71 2016-09-15 Oscsc L.No.16332 Dt.14.9.16 Allowing payment of TC provisionally as per KMS 14-15 rates for current KMS 15-16 for entire certified distance instead of only 10 KM as intimated earlier.
72 2016-09-15 Fscw L.No.17527 Dt.9.9.16 Study for revision of transport charges by Tariff Commission - Submission of data by selected millers.
73 2016-09-15 Fscw L.No.17772 Dt.14.9.16 Proceeding of review meeting held on 1-9-16 at Oscsc Conference Hall under chairmanship of Principal Secretary.
74 2016-09-12 Oscsc L.No.16171_1 Dt.12.9.16 Proceeding of consultative meeting on Proposed implementation of 100% BG as security deposit for delivery of paddy for KMS 2016-17.
75 2016-09-12 Oscsc L.No.16171 Dt.12.9.16 To Principal Secretary Reg- Proposed implementation of 100% security for delivery of paddy during KMS 2016-17.
76 2016-09-12 Fscw L.No.17574 Dt.12.9.16 to MD, Oscsc Reg- Review of milling charges for raw and par-boiled rice by the Tariff Commission.
77 2016-09-08 Fscw L.No.17362 Extension of time by GOI for delivery of Khariff CMR up-to 30.9.2016.
78 2016-09-08 Fscw L.No.17411 Dt. 7.7.16 District wise extensive training programme on quality of paddy and rice.
79 2016-08-31 Proceeding of Review meeting held on 20-8-2016 at conference hall of Oscsc.
80 2016-08-31 Media clarification Dt. 9.12.2015 by GOI about Value of Bye-Products of Milling of Paddy by Millers.
81 2016-08-20 Agenda Points submitted to Principal Secy during review meeting held on 20-8-16 at Oscsc Conference Hall.
82 2016-08-14 Word Format of letter to be submitted by district associations to CSO on 17-8-2016.
83 2016-08-14 Pdf Format of letter to be submitted by district associations to CSO on 17-8-2016.
84 2016-08-14 Proceedings of Millers meeting held on 31-10-2015 with Honorable Food Minister. (for enclosing with letter to CSO).
85 2016-08-07 One day workshop on 9-8-2016 at FCI Head Quarters, New Delhi on Corporate Ethics, Transparency in Procurement and Anti-Corruption Mechanism in India - to be attended by 6 miller representatives including our Secretary, Aorma Sri Santosh Kr. Sonthalia from Odisha.
86 2016-07-30 Aorma 15-16 Membership Form - To save your valuable time, members may fill up the details by downloading the form for renewal of membership.
87 2016-07-28 Fscw L.No.14921 Dt.28-7-16 Reg Meeting to be held on 3-8-16 on pending issues raised by AORMA.
88 2016-07-26 Oscsc L.No.13386 Dt.25.7.16 Release of gunny depreciation @ 17/- per qtl rice for KMS 2015-16.
89 2016-07-26 Tentative Guest arrival programme for All India Millers Conference to be held on 4th August,2016 at Hotel Mayfair Convention, Bhubaneswar. (list as updated on 25.7.2016).
90 2016-07-22 Tentative Programme - India Rice Conclave 2016 to be held on 27th July,2016 at Bbsr. Millers are requested to utilize this opportunity.
91 2016-07-21 Invitation letter from Indian Chamber of Commerce for INDIA RICE CONCLAVE-2016 to be held at Hotel Mayfair, Bbsr on 27th July, 2016.
92 2016-07-21 Delegate Registration Form for India Rice Conclave-2016.
93 2016-07-21 OSAM Board L.No.1843 Dt.30.6.16 for abolition of all un-authorized RMC Check gates.
94 2016-07-16 Fscw L.No.13071 Dt.25.6.16 for views on 100 percent Bank guarantee by Custom Millers during ensuing KMS 2016-17.
95 2016-07-16 Oscsc L.No.12706 Dt.16.7.16 Meeting of CSOs of Bargarh, Sambalpur, Kalahandi, Sunpur etc on 23-7-16 reg proposed 100 percent BG by custom millers.
96 2016-07-12 Fscw L.No.13982 Dt. 12.7.16 Proceeding of review meeting held on 1-7-16 at Oscsc Conference Hall.
97 2016-07-11 Fscw L.No.13680 Dt. 5.7.16 to CSO, Bhadrak calling for explanation for receiving CMR at RRC within the FAQ norms but at the borderlines of rejection.
98 2016-07-01 Oscsc L.No.11670 Dt.30.6.16 to Jasoda Roadlines for downward revision of H & T rate for movement of CMR from Bhadrak to Kendrapara and Jajpur. (MUST READ Letter).
99 2016-06-29 Fscsc L.No.13332 Dt.29-6-16 Proceeding of review meeting held on 23-6-16 at Oscsc conference hall. Decision to stop delivery of CMR at FCI or RRC in some dist.are taken.
100 2016-06-27 Labour Dept Letter No.4831 Dt.25.6.16 on Labour Reforms for Ease of Doing Business.
101 2016-06-23 Fscw L.No.12234 Dt.10.6.16 Milestone and time lines for paddy procurement during KMS 2016-17.
102 2016-06-23 Fscw L.No.12247 Proceeding of weekly meeting held on 7.6.2016. Aorma points discussed.
103 2016-06-23 Oscsc No.10823 Dt.17.6.16 Revised timeline for issue of documents by FCI - Submission of bills on CMR delivery and Settlement of Claims.
104 2016-06-23 Fscw L.No.12607 Forwarding letter of CSO, Sundergarh expressing inability to receive entire CMR within 30-9-2016 for want of space.
105 2016-06-22 Oscsc L.No.10989 Dt.21.6.16 with copy to Secretary, Aorma with a request to impress upon the millers to submit FCI delivery documents within 3 to 4 days of CMR delivery.
106 2016-06-08 Aorma Agenda points discussed with Principal Secretary during review meeting held on 7-6-2016.
107 2016-06-08 Brief outcome of discussions held during review meeting with Principal Secretary on 7-6-2016.
108 2016-05-30 Aorma letter Dt.30.5.16 submitted to MD, Oscsc during meeting on 30-5-2016 reg fixation and communication of rates payable to custom millers for KMS 2015-16.
109 2016-05-28 Proceeding of weekly meeting held on 24-5-16 under chairmanship of New Principal Secretary, FSCW.
110 2016-05-28 Proposal from DGM, APEDA, Kolkata to hold a programme at Bhubaneswar in the month of July, 2016 to explore possibility of exports of rice from Odisha to various global markets.
111 2016-05-18 Notification No.11130 Dt.16.5.2016 on transfer posting of some IAS Officers.
112 2016-05-17 Press Release of Aorma after General Body Meeting held at Hotel Empires, Bhubaneswar on 17th May, 2016.
113 2016-05-13 Fscw L.No.10018 Dt. 13.5.16 to GOI for according Concurrence on the "Odisha Specified Food Stuffs (Stock Holding Limit & Licensing) Order,2016".
114 2016-05-12 FCI H.Qr. Letter Dt. 3.11.2015 Revised appeal procedure on rejection of Lot. (Courtsey - Sri Raju Gupta, S S Agri, Balasore)
115 2016-05-10 Gazette Notification No.803 Dt. 4-5-2016 on Odisha Rice and Paddy Procurement and Custom Milling of Rice Order,2016
116 2016-05-10 Aorma representation Dt. 10-5-16 to Principal Secretary suggesting consideration of some points in the Custom Milling Order,2016.
117 2016-05-10 Fscw Notification No.9730 Dt.10-5-16 Schedule of officers authorized to exercise powers under clause 16 of the Custom Milling Order,2016. (Sl.No. 7 of the Schedule is the outcome of Aorma representation and meeting).
118 2016-05-09 Oscsc L.No.7130 Dt. 22.4.16 to CSO, Ganjam reg problem faced by transporters in unloading new gunnies due to demand of higher unloading charges. (This is an important letter from MD which clarifies that Gunny Bale unloading charges are to be realized from the transport contractor).
119 2016-05-09 Fscw L.No.9529 Dt. 7-5-16 GOI letter for RED COLOR coding of Gunny Bangs of stock for KMS 2016-17.
120 2016-05-06 Oscsc L.No.8169 Dt. 5.5.16 Guidelines for participation of custom millers in Rabi Season of KMS 2015-16. (Millers who have installed sortex and have fulfilled FCI quota will be given incentive of 12 times paddy delivery of security instead of 10 times.)
121 2016-05-03 Oscsc L.No.7878 Dt. 3.5.16 To Aorma for deputing one representative from each Dist. Association to attend a workshop on various provisions of Insurance to be held on 7-5-2016 at 3 PM at Legal Meteorology Conf. Hall, Khandagiri. (Pl take note of this and do the needful).
122 2016-05-03 Aorma Letter Dt. 03-05-2016 to Principal Secy reg inordinate delay in finalization of rates of incidentals and TC payable to Millers by Oscsc for KMS 2015-16.
123 2016-05-03 Aorma 15-16 membership list of 253 members as updated on 1-05-2016.
124 2016-05-02 Aorma Representation Dt. 2.5.2016 to Principal Secretary, FSCW in the matter of problems due to Odisha Custom Milling Order-2016.
125 2016-05-02 Aorma letter to Honourable Chief Secretary, Odisha for an appointment to discuss problems in Odisha Custom Milling Order-2016.
126 2016-05-01 Fscw L.No.8987 Dt.29.4.2016 Tentative target for Rabi Season of KMS 2015-16.
127 2016-05-01 Oscsc L.No.7769 Dt. 30.4.16 Calendar of preparatory programme for CAP storage of Paddy during KMS 2016-17 ( Govt. advisory for Cap Storage during KMS 2015-16 not honoured).
128 2016-04-29 Fscw L.No.8719 Dt.26.4.16 Granting acceptance for 2 % storage loss under Cap Storage of Paddy for 2 Lakh MT during KMS 2015-16.
129 2016-04-27 Aorma Agenda points discussed with Principal Secretary during review meeting on 26-4-2016.
130 2016-04-27 Fscw No.8598 Dt.25-4-16 GOI letter Dt.11.4.16 clarification reg use of once used gunny bags in procurement of paddy.
131 2016-04-27 Oscsc L.No.7485 Dt.27.4.16 Increase in FCI delivery ratio from 35% to 45% for Ganjam district.
132 2016-04-25 Aorma letter to MD, Oscsc for submission of draft minutes before the Government of meeting held at FSCW on 8-3-2016 in the matter of revision of various incidentals and T.C. etc.
133 2016-04-23 Fscw No.8493 Dt.23.4.16 to President, Aorma seeking views on creation of Modern Steel Silos for storage of food grains in mill premises.
134 2016-04-22 Proceeding of Procurement Review Meeting held at FSCW on 12.4.2016. Aorma points are considered.
135 2016-04-22 Fscw No.8303 Dt.21.4.16 Letter of BIS, New Delhi rejecting Fscw proposal for allowing additional 5% tolerance in weight of new gunny bags.
136 2016-04-22 Fscw Notification No.8286 Dt.20.4.2016 Odisha Rice and Paddy Procurement and Custom Milling of Rice Order-2016.
137 2016-04-18 Fscw L.No.7894 Dt.12.4.16 to Chairman, FCI Reg - Problem faced by State Agencies to deliver CMR to FCI on account of newly specified gunny bags and reducing tolerance limit upto 500 grams.
138 2016-04-14 Aorma Letter Dt.12-4-2016 to Principal Secretary, FSCW for fixation and communication of Rates payable to Custom Millers by Oscsc for KMS 2015-16.
139 2016-04-11 Oscsc L.No.6559 Dt.11.4.16 Provisional rates of expenditures to be paid to custom miller for KMS 2015-16 pending finalization of rates by Govt.
140 2016-04-05 Aorma Letter Dt. 4-4-2016 to Principal Secretary, FSCW requesting release of adhoc payment towards cost of new gunny bags supplied by Millers to Oscsc during KMS 2015-16.
141 2016-04-05 Aorma Letter Dt. 5-4-2016 to Principal Secretary, FSCW for fixation and communication of Rates payable to Custom Millers by Oscsc for KMS 2015-16.
142 2016-04-03 Fscw L.No.6689 Dt.31.3.16 to All Collectors to ensure Acceptance of FAQ norm CMR in RRCs.
143 2016-03-29 Aorma Letter Dt. 29-3-16 to Honourable Finance Minister, Odisha for considering exemption of Vat on Paddy, Rice and Bye Products.
144 2016-03-29 Fscw L.No.6429 Dt. 29-3-16 Reg - Ratio of delivery of CMR to FCI and RRCs during whole of KMS 2015-16 on Oscsc Account.
145 2016-02-18 Aorma representation dt.18.2.16 submitted ti Honourable Supply Minister reg problem in delivery of CMR to FCI for under weight gunny bags and finalization of pending issue of revision of rates for KMS 2015-16.
146 2016-02-10 Oscsc L.No.2624 Dt. 10.2.16 to Fscw reg percentage of FCI delivery by surplus and deficit districts during February and March,2016.
147 2016-01-24 Revised Odisha CMR Prov. Costing sheet Dt.14.1.2016. Administrative charge restored to 2.5% under Central Pool for KMS 2015-16. No other changes.
148 2016-01-19 Fscw L.No.24095 Dt.18.12.2015 to NHAI for considering exemption of tolls fees in toll gates on paddy procured by Government and rice transported thereof.
149 2015-11-19 Oscsc Operational Guidelines for KMS 2015-16.
150 2015-11-19 Oscsc Format of Agreement with Custom Millers for KMS 2015-16.
151 2015-11-18 Fscw No. 21963 Dt. 13.11.15 Odisha CMR Cost Sheet for KMS 2015-16.
152 2015-10-31 Aorma Representation Dt.31.10.15 submitted to Honourable Food Minister on Procurement Operations during New KMS 2015-16 and Important points for considerations thereof.
153 2015-10-07 Final Membership List for KMS 2014-15.
154 2015-10-07 Aorma Membership Renewal Application Form for New KMS 2015-16. Pl fill and submit conveniently.
155 2015-10-06 Salient features of Food & Procurement Policy for 2015-16 KMS (compiled by Aorma).
156 2015-08-12 Tentative list of Dist. Coordinators. This list is subject to revision / addition as per feed back from the respective districts and being updated from time to time.
157 2015-06-18 Dist. wise storage capacity with FCI in Odisha as on 31.5.2015.